PKO is a continuation of a media project that reviews cryptocurrencies in Indonesia called Portalkrpto.com. Since 4 months of launch, the enthusiasm of portalkripto.com readers is quite good. Some of them are willing to subscribe to our content to find out technical reviews of the crypto market.

In Indonesia, the development of cryptocurrencies is very rapid. In 2021, the number of crypto investors or traders jumped very significantly. Currently, the number reaches 6.5 million people. As of May 2021, the number of crypto investors has outnumbered the stock market investors.

So far, PKO is still in the form of points that we distribute to our readers or as rewards for their activities on the crypto portal platform, such as reading news, sharing, daily logging in, and useful as cashback if they subscribe to our premium content.

PKO is currently built on the TRON blockchain network. A blockchain that has an ecosystem that is suitable for the use of PKO.

PKO will become an intermediary for online media readers, news readers, or creators to have new experiences in consuming and producing digital content.

Our Team

Iqbal T. Lazuardi Siregar
Founder, Chief of Editor

Sejak tahun 2014, Iqbal sudah malang melintang di dunia media sebagai jurnalis. Sebagai jurnalis, ia berfokus pada isu hukum, politik, dan lingkungan. Tahun 2020 Iqbal mendirikan dan menjadi pemimpin redaksi sebuah media yang khusus membahas cryptocurrency, bernama portalkripto.com

Ghani Al Mulki Harahap
Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Ghani adalah seoarang web dan software development. Tahun 2016 ia mendirikan perusahaan IT developer bernama Flixs Web Studio. Tahun 2020 mendirikan dan memimpin bagian infrastruktur teknologi portalkripto.com dan portalsaham.com.

Arli Fauzi Barliana
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

  • Lulusan Sistem Informasi , Universitas Maranatha
  • Crypto Enthusiast sejak tahun 2014
  • Analis teknikal cryptocurrency
  • 6 Tahun bekerja pada bidang perbankan

Token Economics


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Ecosystem development stage

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