Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023 will be The Largest Event in Asia

Share : — FINEXPO is proud to bring Blockchain Fest 2023 to Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore, one of the biggest venues in Singapore.

Singapore is the most crypto-friendly environment and a real hub of modern financial Asia inviting companies from Europe and the world to join the event. The event will be held on 16-17 February 2023 starting at 10 AM Singapore time until 6 PM.

FINEXPO is the largest company experienced in organizing financial and trading events, fairs, and expos worldwide since 2002.

This event will gather top professionals, global leaders, or even beginners in this industry from different sectors such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, decentralized finance (DeFi), mining, payment systems, and investment choose to join this event in Singapore.

After 20 years of producing conferences, forums, summits, shows, exhibitions, and festivals, all over Europe, South East Asia, Russia, and USA, FINEXPO is going to take place in Singapore to attract the world of blockchain enthusiasts to one place during the day.

FINEXPO always aims to create phenomenal shows and substantial series of events. Its main goal is to connect people from all over the world at unique events like this. FINEXPO is eager to discover the potential of the connected world and exchange knowledge with the speakers and attendees.

There will be interactive panel discussions and fireside chat sessions to discuss hot topics. Not only keynote sessions but there are also speeches from honored speakers with impressive expertise in blockchain.

The speakers will make educational speeches and will be sharing valuable insights in the conference halls.

There will be more and more potential speakers from all over the world. The Blockchain Fest program itself will be full of entertainment, lucky draws, fantastic prizes, a welcome party, gala dinner, and music. This event will be divided into 4 halls, Conference Hall, Exhibition Space, Networking Hall, and Gala Dinner space.

If you are interested in investment, crypto trading, NFTs and the FinTech industry, this is definitely a must-visit event. Blockchain Fest SIngapore 2023 is open to all people who have passion in investing and trading crypto and are motivated to learn.