Portalkripto Collaborates with WeFund in Fellowship Partnership

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[Official announcement]– WeFund, in tandem with Portalkripto.com, will advance the adoption of crypto technology by providing a secure and safe investment avenue, primarily accommodating the Indonesian market. Portalkripto is a crypto-focused media platform based in Indonesia that delivers independent and reliable information that is designed to inform and educate the rapid-growing crypto communities in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Portalkripto’s bite-sized analytical information provides valuable insight to both beginners and experts, complimenting WeFund’s community focus.

Iqbal Lazuardi, Founder and Chief of Editor Portalkripto.com, appreciates this collaboration. Because, in the surge crypto popularity in Indonesia and Asia, the role of an independent media is very much needed.

And he said that with this collaboration, the portalkripto can remain independent and continue to provide relevant information which is also important for every entity in this industry.

“We are very happy with this collaboration. Wefund has the same passion and mission as us to create a healthy climate in this industry, especially in Indonesia,” Iqbal said.

We at WeFund are thrilled and foresee this media partnership will expand crypto adoption and investment in a safe and educational approach. Portalkripto aims to curtail FOMO, bandwagon, and uninformed crypto investment decisions by providing objective and relevant information. Crypto research and investment can be tedious and confusing, however, Portal Kripto will ease the burden many of us are familiar with.

WeFund CMO, Ika said “Hopefully with this collaboration we can synergize and support each other and can move towards our common vision”

This partnership is positioned to enhance the positive views surrounding cryptocurrency in Indonesia. By forming a fellowship and media collaboration, WeFund will be able to provide the necessary resources for Portal Kripto to expand its reach across the region. WeFund believes in its mission to share valuable knowledge, encouraging the growth and adoption of crypto for beginners and experts.

About Portalkripto.com

Portalkripto.com is here to cater to the Indonesian people’s interest for cryptocurrencies by providing unbiased and trustworthy information about the industry. Dedicated to provide relevant content and information to the country’s crypto market participants, all packaged in a lightweight and easy-to-understand format. With such a diverse group of people, it want to give knowledge and insight that will be beneficial to readers.

Portalkripto.com includes an educational and analytical platform for beginners and intermediate traders in addition to giving a portal with up-to-date information.

Web: https://www.portalkripto.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Portalkripto_

About WeFund

WeFund is a cross-chain, decentralized incubator crowdfunding platform for the crypto-startup project industry and beyond implemented for a real-life use case. The vision of WeFund is to become the connector of the blockchain ecosystem that exists on the market.

To fulfill this vision, WeFund’s initial development stage would be in the Terra ecosystem and will develop to use additional ecosystems such as Solana, Etherium, Cardano, etc. in the near future.



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