Portalkripto.com Launches NFT entitled Washitown1991 at Opensea

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As a cryptocurrency and blockchain news platform, the portalkripto.com team’s going to continue adapting and developing a number of products related to this ecosystem.

Now we have launched the NFT series which is sold on the Opensea.io platform. Our NFT collection is titled washitown1991. In this edition collection, we introduce collage artwork with a touch of extreme colors.

Not without reason we came up with this theme. The theme of Washitown1991 rose from our outrage at hearing injustice on the grounds that the political system, finances, and the extensive capitalist system were creating gaps in inequality.

Besides the washitown1991 collection, we also collaborate with Gusdul, an influencer and comedian from West Java. With an eccentric, quirky, and unique style, Gusdul is a very collectible icon.

The price of our NFT collection ranges from 0.01 ETH to 0.4 ETH. Please visit our collection page at Opensea.io. Kindly click this link WASHITOWN1991

Stay tuned for more surprises from us. Portalkripto will continue developing our media platform adapted to the ecosystem of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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